The Year Ahead in Colour

From deep Marsala to a bright orange, here are the hottest (and coolest) colours that can transform your home in 2017.


The colour that everyone’s talking about gets its name from the kind of wine produced by a region in Italy. Pantone announced it earlier in the year and we think it’s versatile enough to find a place in any kind of home. If your wall colours are already a bright colour like turquoise, you can create a beautiful contrast with Marsala seat covers. If you’re looking to paint your walls, you can pair it with neutrals like grey or white, which really give the room an elegant winter ambience.


A deep blue is the perfect shade to give your room a rich and yet relaxing ambience. Go for a glossy effect to really make the colour stand out – preferably against a light neutral for a classic look. If a whole wall isn’t on the cards, don’t worry! You can go for a textured rug or velvety sofa in the same shade.

Olive Green

This masculine shade is best used as a statement piece – whether it’s a painted-over cabinet or a single wall in your dining room. It really creates a lot of drama when paired with rich browns and greys. Think floor-to-ceiling curtains in olive green for a quick dose of drama, without having to change much in the room.


Monochrome is always a favourite and never goes out of style. Try experimenting with different shades of grey on your walls and upholstery. The changing palette is soothing to the eyes whilst still being interesting. Break the monotony with colourful accessories strewn around the room.


Using two or three pastel shades together in a sequence is a pretty and feminine option. Try vertical stripes to make the room look taller or even go wild with patterns for an artistic interpretation. Whatever you choose, the end result will always be delicate and elegant.
Colours in 2017 are a lot bolder than before. Experimenting with finishes and textures on your wall can also give your room an added charm, and your guests a new conversation topic too!
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