Environmental, Health and Safety Policy


Asian Paints (SP) Ltd. is committed to manage its operations using principles of sustainable development to minimize impact on environment and protect health and safety of our employees, service providers, neighbouring communities and customers.

  • We shall comply with all statutory requirements. We consider compliance to statutory EHS requirements as the minimum performance standard and are committed to go beyond and adopt stricter standards. We shall annually publish our EHS performance to all stakeholders.
  • We shall source our materials and products from vendors that comply with the child labour laws and statutory regulations of their country.
  • We shall continually improve our products with an intention to improve safety, reduce carbon footprint, conserve natural resources and reduce waste. We shall move towards offering products that meet internationally accepted green product standards. We shall educate customers on safe use of our products.
  • We are committed to protecting the environment by:
    • Leveraging the 3R (Reduction, Recycle, Reuse) principle and move towards zero industrial effluent generation
    • Reducing energy-intensity and carbon-intensity
    • Increasing contribution of energy from renewable resources
  • We shall use principle of inherent safe design, proactively control risk in operations and improve the safety culture to achieve
    • Zero Accidents
    • Zero Occupational Illness
    • Zero incidents of Property Damage

- Managing Director & CEO

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