Paint Sheen Types

What’s in a sheen?

Choosing the right gloss level for your home or office could be quite a challenge. So, here is some helpful information in choosing the right sheen for your living or working space.


Gloss paints

Gloss paints exhibit the highest reflectivity and are the easiest paint to clean. They are excellent inside and out, as they offer good protection against weathering on exterior surfaces and can take heavy use, fingerprints, grease and grime on interior surfaces. Colours tinted into gloss paints tend to appear cleaner and more intense than flat paints. However due to their high light reflectivity, gloss finishes are less forgiving of surface imperfections. So if your walls are not well plastered then a gloss sheen would not be the best choice, unless the needs for high dirt pick up and ease of cleaning are both greater than seeing the surface imperfections being more obvious. Fortuna Pearl Water based Luxury Enamel (70%- 75%) and Endure High Gloss Enamel >80% gloss levels are some of the gloss finishes that you can get with APCO.

  Enamel Paint - Green Color Glossy Paint Finish


Semi-gloss paints

Semi-gloss paints have a slightly less gloss appearance than gloss paints. These finishes offer good stain resistance and are easy to clean. Paints with a semi-gloss appearance are also great in many of the same areas as gloss paints, and work equally well on wood and wall. Fortuna Silk Luxury Interior Finish & Villa Sunfast luxury exterior finish are the best semi-gloss paints that you can  buy for your beautiful homes.

 Enamel Paint - Pink Color Semi-Glossy Paint Finish


Low sheen paints

Low sheen paints have for decades been the finish of first choice for both interior and exterior wood and wall and are ideal where some degree of sheen and cleaning properties are needed. Like high and semi-gloss, low-sheen paints also highlight surface imperfections but to a very less extent, and are most commonly used over timber, concrete and plaster finishes. Fortuna Silk Luxury Exterior Finish & Luxe 100% Acrylic Interior are very good choices on this range available with APCO.


Enamel Paint - Blue Color Glossy Low-Sheen Paint Finish


Flat paints

Flat paints diffuse the highest degree of light, and as a result are the best choice for concealing surface imperfections and undulations. Colours appear muddied and darker in flat finishes than in glossier finishes. Of all the sheen levels, flat finishes have the lowest resistance to dirt resistance and present a greater challenge to clean and to keep clean. Flat finishes are best used in areas of less wear and tear typically like ceiling. Fortuna Silk Celing flat and Luxe Ceiling Flat are the best you can get in this range.


Enamel Paint - Brown Color Glossy Flat Paint Finish


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