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Choosing the right shade for your walls can get tricky. It's important to understand how colours interact with each other, to avoid them clashing with each other. Let's take a look at the different ways colours relate to each other using the colour wheel.

Complementary Colours

These are diametrically opposite each other on the colour wheel. They are contrasting to each other and thus, when used in home décor, stand out brightly against each other. You can use complementary colours to create a very dramatic and vibrant look.

Analogous Colours

These colours are adjacent to each other on the colour wheel. When used in a room, they create a very harmonious look. An analogous colour scheme is a great idea for rooms that require peace, like the bedroom.

Monochromatic Colours

These are different tints, hues and shades of the same colour on the colour wheel. Depending on the colour you choose, this scheme can create an ambience that is relaxing (with cooler colours like blues or greens) or even dramatic (try warmer hues of colours like red or orange).
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The shades displayed on this website are indicative only and may vary from the actual colours due to variance in monitor calibration and resolution as well as screen settings.
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