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5 ways you can use colour to influence the mood of a room

Colours are closely linked with moods, and the right colour in your home or office space can impact how you feel and perform.

Swigging energy drinks to get through the day. Reading motivational books to lift your spirits. Counting sheep to fall asleep. Breathing deep to release stress. We bet you’ve tried all this and more to manage your mood. Did you know that there’s an easy fix right there in your home?

Broadly speaking, colours are categorised as warm or cool. Warm colours include red and yellow, and colours close to it in the spectrum. Cool colours include hues of blue and green. Warm colours energise, while cool colours soothe.

Here’s a look at 5 colours and how they can affect your mood.

1) Looking to ramp up the energy? Think red.

Nothing screams attention as as loudly as the colour red, which makes it perfect for creating a bold look in your home, right? Yes and no. Red is a powerful colour, and must be used carefully. It is ideal for high-energy areas like the living room, or for a feature wall in combination with a special effect. When using red, make sure the room is spacious and that it already gets adequate light.
A red feature wall in a
special effects finish can
create an aura of energy.
Red Colour Home Decor Ideas

Although conventional wisdom says red is not restful enough for the bedroom, we believe it can be used to create a happy and passionate ambience if it is used carefully and in combination with a more restful colour or a neutral shade.

Red can also be incorporated in offices, especially in meeting rooms and other high energy areas.

Associated with: Love, passion, energy and excitement
Colour tip: Restrict red to one wall, trims or a few objects such as a rug, cushions, or bedside lamps.

2) Want to create a happy vibe? Sunshine yellow does the trick.

Warm colours like yellows and oranges are mood enhancers. They mimic sunshine and light, and instantly lift your spirits. They’re especially great for brightening dark corners and maximising the natural light that is already available in the room. However, like all bright shades, it must be used in moderation with deep yellows, and restricted to one or two walls.

You could even paint your wall in different shades of yellow - from a pale maize shade, to maybe even a bright lemon. Try stripes of alternating yellows. Mustard yellow can be used to create an earthy yet vibrant feeling. Yellows, oranges and peaches also work well in dining spaces, as they are food related colours, and enhance the appetite.

Yellow Colour Home Decor Ideas
Yellow brings light and joy
into the home.
Associated with: Warmth, happiness, energy and appetite
Colour tip: For a more subtle incorporation of yellow or orange, try its milder variants such as beige or peach.

3) Want to create an oasis of calm? Try lavender.

Pastel shades are known for their calming effect. Lavender is a highly relaxing colour, but it is also unique and interesting - a good alternative to the regular blues and greens. A shade that lies between energetic purple and sombre blue, it soothes without draining your energy. Lavender is ideal for bedrooms and rooms with less light - it has the effect of opening up space.
Lavender has a
soothing effect,
no matter the
size of the space
Lavender Colour Home Decor Ideas
Associated with: Relaxation, creativity, fragrance and spirituality
Colour tip: Lavender can be matched with pale green for an interesting contrast, or with silver for a more glamorous look.

4) Trying to fight the blues? Use this hue correctly.

Blue is one of the most attractive colours in the spectrum, but be cautious, it is also the colour of depression. Though a calming, relaxing colour, it can suck all your energy if used in excess. Pale blues are ideal for the bedroom because that’s where its soothing effect is most valued.
Blue Colour Home Decor Ideas
Pastel blues create a mood
of tranquility.

However, you must avoid painting all four walls of a room in a deep blue, unless it is a room with plenty of light. Reserve it for a feature wall, and brighten your room with other accessories. Dark blue is also a great choice for trims.

Associated with: Peace, tradition, authority, sincerity
Colour tip: Match blues with vivid complementary colours like orange, or contrasting shades such as red or yellow, and balance it with cream or beige to generate energy.

5) Feel like instant celebration? Go for gold.

Gold is elite, the colour of paradise. It stands for the special moments in our lives. Using a glittery, shimmery gold finish instantly creates a mood of sophistication and celebration. You could use a subtle, gold highlighted pearly interior paint on all walls, or create a feature wall using a gold-based special effects paint. Because the effect is luxurious, gold works best in larger spaces, especially celebration or meeting areas such as the living room or the Majlis.
Gold creates
a mood of celebration.
Gold Colour Home Decor Ideas
Associated with: Wealth, sophistication, generosity and pomp
Colour tip: Do up a room with a gold-based feature wall with jewel tone accessories or furnishings in shades of emerald, royal blue or purple.

Which colour makes you happy or sad? Tell us below.

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